Spooky Goings On at Strathesk

The Sun slowly disappeared… An amazing experience enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff.  A big thank you to everyone for coming along!Picture 009 Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 003 Picture 004 Picture 005 Picture 006 Picture 007 Picture 008


We are holding a Mixed Stage Learning event on Monday 23rd March.  Children will work in House groups from Primary 1 – 7. The focus is on Sustainability and the main messages – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  We are trying to make children aware of what can be created from things that people no longer want or need.  Children will be asked to design outfits and accessories for a fashion show.


Please help us make this event a success!

Thank You

P5b Trip to Wagamama

On Thursday 5th March, P5b had a wonderful visit to Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant in Edinburgh. This trip was organised to achieve deeper learning about the country of Japan and link to the children’s recent learning about food and cooking too.

We all had an amazing time and were given a tour of the different parts of the restaurant. In groups, the children made and tasted different flavours of juices, weighed out ingredients by reading recipes and were introduced to new Japanese foods.

Lastly we all got to sample some delicious noodles made especially for us by the Wagamama chef and triedto eat them using chopsticks! As we left we were all given a Wagamama goodie bag which is a lovely memento of our fantastic trip. A big thank you to Lisa, the restauarant manager and all her kind and helpful staff!P5b

The Fun Ones

Congratulations to our wonderful P6 and P7 pupils who are supporting all of the children in school with use of the playground games.  Known as “The Fun Ones” these P6 and P7s are acting as responsible citizens and helping us develop our social skills.  Like Purple Man would say “Help everyone respect others”  Well done Fun Ones!

Playground Launch

Today we had a successful launch of playground equipment.  We had parents and children dancing in the playground with Andy McKechnie.  Thank you to everyone for making it such a successful venture.

P2 Homework

Thanks to parents who contributed to our homework dotmocracy at parents consultations in October. We used this information along with our own reading and research to come up with exciting and engaging ideas for children to work at home in a creative, productive and engaging way.
Guess what? it worked. This week EVERY primary 2a pupil and almost all pupils from P2b completed and shared their homework – they were SO excited and motivated.
Well done children (and parents!) Keep up the good work!
Let’s aim for 100% next week P2b!

P4b Fashion Designers

As part of our Time Travellers topic, P4b have been learning about fashion trends of the 1980s and creating their own designs. See if you can spot the shoulder pads, fingerless gloves and leg warmers in these first drafts by Laila-Mae, Kiera, Isabella, Sophie and Robert!


Forth Rail Bridge Fly Over

The primary 1 children tried to glimpse a sight of the Spitfire planes yesterday that flew over the Forth Rail Bridge as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations. Sadly the planes must have flown in the other direction and we were met with clear skies but no Spitfire. We did catch the odd seagull however!
If anyone took any photos and would be happy to share then please email them to the school office and we can let our Primary 1 children have a look!