‘Local authorities and schools will be planning how they communicate with parents and families about their child’s progress during Term 4 and many early learning practitioners will wish to share information  on children’s development.  This will require a different format to those that may have been taken before.’  Scottish Government


Weekly Grids

Learning Grids w/b 16/02/21

Nursery -Ruby’s Worry


P2 & 3 





Learning Grids w/b  01/02/21

Nursery STEM week 1STEM week 2 P1&2  P 2 & 3   P4   P5   P6   P7

Learning Grids w/b  25/1/21

Nursery Learning Grid Burns Night   P1& 2    P3     P4     P5     P6    P7 

Learning Grids w/b  18/1/21

Nursery ideas- Blown away    P1&2     P2-3     P3        P4      P5     P 6    P7

Learning_Grids  wb  11/1/21

Nursery Leaning Grid 1 (2)

P1&P1/2    P2-3     P3    P4    P5    P 6     P7



Glow Launch!

Our online distance learning is ready to launch!
Here are some short video tutorials to introduce everyone to the basic functions of Glow.
Tutorial 1 – How to log on to Glow
Tutorial 2 – Welcome to Glow.
Tutorial 3 – Introduction to Google Classroom
Tutorial 4 – Google Classroom from a Mobile Device
I strongly suggest you watch all of these, even if you are a computer expert!
Please note that this has been posted before the email with Google Classroom code has been sent out.